My brother Zeb's site. You can check out and download a lot of the music he has made.
Jeff Mission
Beatfix is the internet version of Mr. Mission. Check out some of his VJ movies and/or DJ sets.
Peter aka Zebbler has a very impressive web site showing off his VJ and other art skills. Check it out!
Zeb Polly
Pals with personal websites:
All sorts of stuff from Ranger Pretzel, including cool time-lapse Burning Man videos.
Sean Stevens
Sean Stevens has a little website here displaying his awesome blinky art.
Ben Wade
Talk about an elaborate website with loads of content! You could spends hours -- if not days -- exploring and admiring Ben's site.
Not a pal exactly, but my design business. Contact me if you need any graphic design or video work done. Video now in HD.
PJ's site for his Classical Soo Bahk Do martial arts school. Check it out if you live in the Boston area. PJ is a ninja.
Pals with businesses:
Joed Polly design
PJ Steyer
Miss Tess
Tess makes awesome things. Buy them!
Pals with music:
Vermin Street
Nick Colangelo runs the music label, Vermin Street, where he releases music from local Boston artists and far away ones too.
ARCUS' IMA is short for Internet Media Archive. All of my ARCUS videos are on there, and I'm in charge of updating photos and everything else.
The Arctic Research Consortium of the US is the place I work for, based in my home town of Fairbanks, Alaska.
I check out my home town's online newspaper, The Fairbanks Daily Newsminer, every so often, to see what's going on.
Joed-related links:
I go here all the time to get most of my local Boston news (plus non-local news as well). It is a Boston Globe thing.
Burning Man
Fairbanks Newsminer
I pretty much suggest everyone goes to this temporary art community at least once. I've been five times.
This community driven t-shirt company has provided me with 80% of my current torso-based wardrobe.
If you are into making short movies, this is a very fun project. You have 48 hours to make a movie! They go to many cities all over the world.
Weekly Dig
Local Boston rag that is usually amusing and/or informative.
The 48 Hour Film Project
Everybody on Earth probably already knows about the Internet Movie Database, but if not, go check it out already.
Useful links:
Discogs is a very useful website for keeping track of your favorite music artists, and for updating mp3 tags in iTunes.
I go to this site a lot to read about gadgets and dorky computer stuff. It's good fun.
Keep up to date on the urban legends of late, because they are amusing, and because nobody likes getting urban legend emails forwarded to them.
Everybody on Earth probably already knows about Wikipedia too. But that doesn't stop it from being awesome and useful.
Mac Benchmarks
A good site that lists the relative speeds of pretty much every Apple computer since the G3 processor. I call the numbers "speed units" for fun.
Metacritic averages all the movie critics' movie rating in a weighted and smart way, and gives a number, 0 to 100, for each movie.
Cake Wrecks
Cake Wrecks is a blog dedicated to horrible and ridiculous cakes. The commentary is half of the hilarity, so read the words too.
Scramble old Garfield panels to make your own three-panel strip. These are often much, much funnier than the source material.
Amusing links:
Cute Overload
I don't go to this site every day like Leslie does, but when I do (when Leslie sends me links to it) it is always funny and often fluffy.
Garfield Randomizer
Even if you just kind of like dogs you will find this blog amusing.
Two Garfield links?! Yes. And this one is a blog where a dude photoshops Garfield out of every strip, to make Jon seem insane.
Here's another comic. The author claims it's a "webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language." Some of them are pretty darn good.
Toothpaste for Dinner
The art on this webcomic is horrible, but that doesn't stop it from being awesome and pretty much my favorite internet-comic around.
Garfield Minus Garfield