Vacation / Road Trip Movies

Here are some vacation / road trip movies that I filmed and edited. When editing these movies, I try to cut out the boring stuff and keep a fairly fast pace. My goal is to make these movies entertaining to watch even if you weren't there. That way I'll want to watch them again too. There are also a lot of good songs edited into these movies in fun ways.

Super Road Trip 2008 (Part 1 + Burning Man)

This is the first half of the Super Road Trip 2008 movie. Zeb and Carey flew in to Boston from Fairbanks and we rented a minivan for a 3.5 week, 9000 mile journey to Burning Man and back again. After leaving Boston we head north to Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. After conquering Canada, we head down to Chicago for a day and then book it through the corn states to Dillon, Colorado. We then keep heading west and spend a day in Canyonlands and Arches National Park in Utah. After that we cut through the middle of Nevada to meet Leslie in Reno. We then stock up on sleep and supplies in Reno and travel to Burning Man for a full week in the desert. The theme of Burning Man 2008 was 'The American Dream,' so that is what the references to that is all about. And yes, in the thumbnail that is a video still from the Jerry Springer Show in Chicago...

Cast & Crew: Carey Fink, Zeb Polly, Joed Polly, Leslie Diamond, and various Burning Man people.

> Part 1 Music Credits <

Date: December 2010
Length: 1:17:20
File: 579.2MB Quicktime H.264 640X480 30fps, AAC 128kbps

Super Road Trip 2008 (Part 2)

This is the second half of the Super Road Trip 2008 movie. After defeating Burning Man, Part 2 starts off after we drop Leslie off at the Reno airport. Me, Zeb, and Carey then head south to Las Vegas via a spontaneous route through California. We then head down to Tuscan before headed back east through White Sands National Monument, Roswell, and Carlsbad Caverns. Our next plan was to go to Austin and New Orleans, but Hurricane Gustav closed down New Orleans and sent rain and refugees to Austin. Also, Carey had to fly back to Alaska for family items, so we instead cut through Dallas/Ft. Worth (for the airport), Memphis, and Nashville, before meeting up with our planned route in the Great Smoky Mountains. Me and Zeb then complete the mighty loop by coming up through western Virginia, Philidelphia, and New York City, before returning to Boston. After a couple false starts, two years later I finally got around to editing all 16 hours of footage. This movie took a few months of my free time and is new record holder for longest movie I've made.

Cast & Crew: Carey Fink, Zeb Polly, Joed Polly.

> Part 2 Music Credits <

Date: December 2010
Length: 1:20:15
File: 604.3MB Quicktime H.264 640X480 30fps, AAC 128kbps

AK to BM 2005

AK to BM 2005 is the adventure movie I made of me and Zeb's road trip from Fairbanks to Burning Man ('BM' for short) from August 20th to September 6th, 2005. It was our second road trip from Fairbanks to BM, and my third road trip through Canada (see below). We decided to take a different route this time for the second half of the trip. After heading through the Yukon, we took a new route in British Columbia and headed to Alberta to go through Jasper and Banff National Parks (Canadian National). Then we entered the US in Montana and went through Idaho, and briefly through Oregon to get to Nevada for Burning Man. Unlike AK to BM 2004, this movie is almost all road trip stuff, with just a little bit of footage of Burning Man 2005. During the road trip Zeb murders a deer and I dunk my camera completely underwater. Also, fun things occur.

Cast & Crew: Zeb Polly, Joed Polly.

Date: May 2006
Length: 44:49
File: 297.8MB Quicktime H.264 640X480 30fps, AAC 128kbps

AK to BM 2004 is a vacation road trip movie I made of the adventure me, Zeb, and Carey took from August 22nd to September 5th 2004. We drove from Fairbanks, Alaska, through the Yukon and British Columbia, into Washington, Oregon, and California, stopping in the Redwoods, and then on to Reno, Nevada. After a couple days stocking up in Reno we headed to the week long Burning Man arts festival in the temporary city of Black Rock City, Nevada.

Cast & Crew: Carey Fink, Zeb Polly, Joed Polly, random Burning Man 2004 participants.

Date: November 2004
Length: 41:17
File: 281.9MB Quicktime H.264 640X480 30fps, AAC 128kbps

AK to BM 2004

Jeep Journey

Date: December 2002
Length: 33:50
File: 229.9MB Quicktime H.264 640X480 30fps, AAC 128kbps

I never officially named this movie, so I just started calling it 'Jeep Journey', in honor of Krista's blue Jeep Cherokee that took us on this adventure. This is the video of my first road trip through Canada from August 24th to September 3rd, 2002. I had somehow convinced Krista the redhead to come up to Alaska for that summer (I met Krista when Jenny Regitano brought her with at spring break). Krista came up towards the end of June with her mom and brother via a road trip and ferry ride (the sort you can bring your vehicle on). So Krista had her Jeep in Fairbanks for the summer. Eventually we both had to go back to school, so I hopped in her Jeep and we drove through the Yukon, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and then on to Boulder, Colorado, where her mom lives. Then we went down to Durango, CO where Krista went to school. After a few days she drove me to Albuquerque, New Mexico, so I could catch a flight to Boston for my school. Thanks Krista!

Cast & Crew: Krista Malek, Joed Polly, Marley dog.

AK to BM 2005 Soundtrack Movie

Date: October 2006
Length: 9:58
File: 66.9MB Quicktime H.264 640X480 30fps, AAC 128kbps

AK to BM 2005 Soundtrack Movie is a short edit of the AK to BM 2005 road trip movie. It is simply all of the music scenes edited together, with the soundtrack credits listed underneath.

Cast & Crew: Zeb Polly, Joed Polly.

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